The spirit of ’83

I’m going to be honest with you: no matter what, I am probably going to keep this Esprit Holiday 1983 catalogue.  Purely for sentimental value, since it’s been a few years since any of these clothes were even available.

I remember giving this very catalogue to my stepmother when she asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  I had circled numerous items and was like, “fly little bird.”

I wanted this entire outfit on the right:

Notice the four layers: a cardigan over a vest over a sweater over a collared shirt.  Styled with a pair of slouchy men’s pants.  The model looks like a linebacker.  I wanted all of it.  My stepmother did find the cardigan, and I wore that damn thing everywhere.  Weddings, bar mitzvahs.  I’m kidding, there weren’t any Jewish kids in Fort Worth in the early 80’s.

I also liked this ensemble:

… because we all know how flattering pant pleats were.  And shorts that cut you off mid-thigh.  And layers of boxy tops were.  Maybe it was the old-timey toothache bow that put it over the top for me.

These pages are where most of my energy was placed:

I ranked these sassy flats in the event my stepmother found them in multiple hues.  Say she’s at Sanger Harris and she sees they have the lavender and blue pairs — how does she choose?  I took the guesswork out of that because I’m nice.  And for the record, I still want all of these.  Except the grey, yeesh, it’s at the bottom of the list for a reason, am I right?

For fun, and because this is how this blog is set up, go ahead and vote.

6 Comments on “The spirit of ’83”

  1. Denie Harris says:

    I finally joined your blog and it doesn’t disappoint! I also loved Esprit in the 80s! I can imagine that some of the stuff went with you to UF. Your blog is awesome 🙂

  2. David Greenman says:

    There were a few of us, you just didn’t know me yet. 🙂

  3. Janae says:

    This is a (hideous) time capsule. Keepsies. Along with the Seventeen mags — my sister found some of hers at my mom’s house last summer and we had a very good laugh.

  4. tracyyvon says:

    O.m.g. Must. Find. Copy. Of. This. Catalogue. I had the exact same catalog, graduated high school in 1987. I was obsessed with these clothes! Luckily a local store owner had taste and I got lots of Esprit pieces there.

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