Rush for a change of atmosphere

This is a collage my sorority little sister Denie Freyer made for me for my birthday (collaging and covering photo albums in decorative fabrics were the crafts of sorority girls in the 90’s, y’all).  It is a time capsule of all things me at the time: the Simpsons, stinky Red perfume, not having a boyfriend.

What a darling Denie was to make this for me!  I remember the first time I met Denie, I was visiting a friend at Rollins College, as was she.  We were playing “I never” with some beer or something we managed to have.  When it was Denie’s turn, she said “I’ve never picked my nose and eaten it!”  I thought she was the most adorable thing ever.  During sorority rush the following year, I tried to convince her to pledge Chi O and she did.

Sorority Rush is the most fun and dramatic time in a young woman’s life.  As a rushee and a rusher. One year the Rush chairman wanted a new Round 3 skit written, and I convinced her that I could do it. But what ended up happening was, I screwed around all summer and wrote something incredibly flimsy.  (I find it hilarious that, having shown not a smidge of early promise as a writer, I would eventually be able to convince people to pay me to do it.)

Not knowing just how shitty and lame my script was, it came as a total shock when I heard that the Rush chairman, one of the LaVarge twins, cried after she read it… okay yes, this is my second sorority story, and yes, it is the second one with one of the LaVarge twins crying, but that’s pure coincidence, people.  We all cried all the time in that house.

With only a few days before this new Round 3 skit was to be performed, a crew of my sorority sisters hunkered down with me to help create a new one out of thin air: Adrienne Koester, Staci Rackstein, I think maybe Paige Biagi, Tamara Johnston, Tami Bright, or some combo of those gals? My mind is a sieve now, and not the good kind that pans for gold.  (That was a tweet of mine, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see why I have amassed an impressive, uh, 56 followers — wait, it’s 54 now?  Seriously?)

Well, the skit we came up with was a winner.  It was about lost fairy tale characters, a la “Into The Woods,” coming together and finding their home at Chi O.  Cindy, whose last name escapes me now, see mind sieve Twitter comment, sang a beautiful song, “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” as the big closer.  I was doing the sound backstage, and, mid-show, something went wrong with the master cassette that contained all the music and effects in sequence.  I took the cassette out — the tape had come unwound.  I had a pen handy, so, sweating it about now, I wound the damn thing back up, like we did when that happened.  I put it in the player, then fast-forwarded some — I knew I had missed a sound cue, the one right before Cindy’s big number.  I had no headphones with which to monitor it — which was weird, I worked as a DJ at the campus radio station, you think I would be aware of the benefits of this.

By the grace of almighty Isis it was on the right spot and the song went off without a hitch.  I think even some of the rushees cried, which was the goal.  If you could get some cute girls to cry during the Round 3 of sorority rush, boom, you were going to have a great pledge class.  And by great I mean cute.

4 Comments on “Rush for a change of atmosphere”

  1. Denie Harris says:

    Christy, this is awesome! I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. Also, am LOVING that I got a shout out – I’m so honored! You are a hilarious writer and brilliant storyteller. Keep em coming! And, by the way, I still haven’t picked my nose and eaten it. But, I have busted my kids a few times. Ewwwww. Xoxoxoxo

  2. courtney says:

    chi o museum oh wait……. christy museum yeah

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