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This is a Simpsons comic #2.  Despite my excitement about owning a piece of history, I was too lazy to go down my street the week the first one came out (that street would be Melrose Ave — where everyone who was anyone was living in the post-earthquake 90’s; and when I say living I mean barely subsisting on instant pancakes prepared on a hot plate in the closet).  By the time I ambled by, #2 had already been released.

I am not a collector of comics per se.  But I.  Loved.  The Simpsons.

If anyone were to ever interview me, which, I mean, why would anyone do that, but a girl can imagine herself sitting across from the likes of Andy Cohen, right?  In fact, she can make her own interview in the form of a blog that 100 people read!  Now, what was I going on about before I bragged about my blog numbers?  Oh, yeah, if I were ever asked what show most inspired me to get into TV writing, The Simpsons would most definitively (definitely?) be that show.

When I was in college at the University of Florida in Gainesville in 1990, we had heard of this super funny bunch of shows on this network called Fox that we didn’t have.  But this deli that was frequented by the student body called Joe’s Deli had a satellite, and every Sunday night it was SRO to watch The Simpsons, followed by In Living Color, followed by Married With Children.  My cousin/sorority sister Stephanie and I would go early to grab a table, and I would quietly and without judgment eat an entire 9-inch-long turkey sub all by myself, plus a beer I somehow managed to order despite the fact that I was only 20, because those servers at Joe’s were the fucking shit.

Week after week we did this, and our minds were blown.  This was a show for us.  And it made me laugh, sure, but also cry — like the one where they were at the beach and Lisa was feeling like she didn’t have any friends and then in the end her cool beach friends spelled out “Lisa Rules” in seashells on the car.  Just… come on.

So imagine my fear and delight but mostly fear when in 2002 I tricked Greg Daniels into hiring me on King Of The Hill, where I got to write with him and other former Simpsons writers Dan McGrath, Jon Collier and Brent Forrester.  They had gone to Harvard where they wrote for the Lampoon; I had gone to Florida where I vomited grain alcohol all over myself on a bus on the way to a sorority party.

I remember the first joke I ever pitched there: the area we were pitching on was something about crooked cops, and Hank Hill’s perspective on them.  My exact pitch was, “Those cops were framed!”  Greg said something to the effect of “first day and she’s already on the board.”  I sat there and looked back down at my script, like no big D, I crank gold like that out all the time, but inside, my soul was soaring through the heavens, gleefully pooping into the mouths of everyone who had ever underestimated me!  (PS the joke didn’t make the script.)

Still, what to do with this…

4 Comments on “The Comic Book Gal”

  1. courtney says:

    must save for the personal library

  2. spielbee says:

    Perfection. When’s the book come out? 😉

  3. Denie says:

    Love this post and everything about it! Simpsons, Joe’s Deli and puking on a bus on the way to a sorority party! Thank you thank you…those were the days…

  4. nedryerson says:

    Replying to years old blog posts is a hobby of mine.

    In 1990, some Sunday night football games were televised on TNT, which, like FOX, wasn’t available through Cox (?) Cable. The first place my friends and I tried to watch was Joe’s Deli (on 34th St.) assuming they would have it on, but all these people were there to watch the Simpsons! We were pretty rowdy weirdos. I hope we didn’t harsh your viewing. (Did you ever eat “The Gator Tail” sandwich? It had the mysterious luncheon meat mortadella on it.)

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