Earrings for Pantera

Here’s another questionable thing I’ve held onto for ages:

It’s an autographed photo of the band Pantera before they were famous.  In a frame with no glass. And no backing.

I acquired this in 1982, when they were hanging out at Hastings (Hasting’s?) records in the Ridgmar Mall to promote their debut album, Metal Magic.  My buddy Suzie and I didn’t know who they were, but they were a rock band, and we therefore loved them instantly.  The album cover art was a picture of a panther’s head on a man’s body drawn by a… like a teenage boy.  It seemed very homemade, like my Patriotic Fever record a few posts back for the 12 of you keeping up who I love more than anyone.

The band members were asking girls for their earrings.  Suzie and I either weren’t wearing them or the ones we were wearing were shitty.  So we went shopping in the mall for earrings to give to the band Pantera.  We went to Miss Bojangles, Accessory Lady — all over.  We found just the right ridiculous dangle ones.  They thanked us and were real nice to us, even though we did not buy the album.

My dad got me Metal Magic for my birthday or something, and boy, was it terrible.  There is an actual song on it called “Ride My Rocket.”  Even at 12 years old, I knew that was less than artful.  I was so disappointed — they were so cute!  Oh, well, there goes me getting in on the ground floor of a band that turns out to be famous.  What’s that you say?  They did become famous?  Gadzooks.

Please keep in mind that that one guy’s dead, and I’m a bit superstitious about throwing away things that dead people have signed and that also has their faces on it.  And P.S. I think that’s known as the Pantera font.